Nadia Guerroui, Peripherical Fovea 2023 Ambient light, Matt and Satin varnish, mirror foil on polycarbonate, aluminium frame 70 x 50 x 2 cm

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E D I S O N 

Surface To Surface 

Timo Kube, Matthew Allen, Nadia Guerroui

August 29 - October 14, 2023 

Surface to Surface is a display of idiosyncratic languages which draw upon the logic of minimalism. The exhibition is composed of painterly works that incorporate and direct attention toward materials, abstraction and objects. The selection of artists approach their medium and practice in an exquisite delicacy.


The abstraction varies between hard-edged monochromatic and minimal surfaces and subtle variations of textures and colour.

Kube’s high definition glass and convex bronze mirror covered in silk both reflect and partially obscure what appears to audiences through perception, textures and colours. A canvas is pressed and rubbed in white chalk bonded with Japanese seaweed called funori opening new sensibilities.  

The medium of light and opacity plays upon Guerroui’s finely applied varnish and gestural composition is temporary and fleeting compliments the absorption of light traversing Allen’s elegantly polished graphite on linen surfaces.


The grouping of materially condensed paintings individually converse with the viewer and each object to open up surface to surface viewing experiences aesthetically. Together the artists and the surfaces are of an uncompromising vision, which test the limits of visual perception.

Curated by Ben Gavin

Timo Kube

Untitled Silk (in blue) #8


silk, glass, mirror, wood, 29.7 x 21 x 2.9 cm 

Courtesy of CHAUFFEUR Sydney                                   

Matthew Allen 

Untitled (Diptych)


Oil and polished graphite on linen

40 x 20 cm

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