Timo Kube

Untiled Silk (In Amber ) #2

Silk, acrylic, mirror, wood 42 x 32.5 x 2.6 cm


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2700 € 

" Experience is key as to how these complex objects come across materially, formally and senuously. The objects have the capacity to appear both formally neutral and senuously complex, viewable from a distance and yet emotive and proximate. " 

- Dr. Robert Luzar

Antoine Aguilar

Deep Field (UN-29)

Oil pastel on canvas on wood 29 x 35.5 cm


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Aguilar's version of the JWTS infrared image reveals the mechanical eye and provide the viewer with the possibility to see through the process of colourisation  what the natural human eye cannot see. 

Aguilar confronts the viewer with the unbelievable scale and distance of the universe to question how can we comprehend its vast encompassing galaxy with our impossibility to see what is in close proximity.

Permanent public collections;

Centre Pompidou Paris

Rosenblum Family Collection Paris

FMAC Paris

Collection Clinique Rhena, France

Ahrenberg Collection, Switzerland 

Private collections in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.